Water Management Act 2000 No 92
Current version for 1 July 2020 to date (accessed 9 August 2020 at 01:16)
45A   Consolidation of management plans
(1)  The Minister may, by order published on NSW legislation website, consolidate 2 or more management plans by—
(a)  repealing one or more management plans and amending another management plan to make provision with respect to the matters dealt with by the repealed plan or plans, or
(b)  amending a management plan to make provision with respect to the matters dealt with by one or more other plans that have expired (or are to expire) by operation of section 43.
(2)  A consolidated management plan may contain provisions of a savings or transitional nature consequent on the consolidation.
(3)  The provisions of Division 9 (Compensation relating to access licences) of Part 2 of Chapter 3 in relation to the consolidation of management plans under this section have effect subject to the following—
(a)  subject to paragraph (b), the consolidation of the management plans does not affect any right to compensation that the holder of an access licence would have had under section 87 or 87AA had the consolidation not occurred,
(b)  the commencement of the 10-year period referred to in section 87AA (6) (b) in its application to an expired or repealed plan is to be calculated by reference to the 10-year period commencing on the date on which the expired or repealed plan was due to expire rather than the date on which the plan into which the provisions were consolidated ceases to be in force.
(4)  Section 45 does not limit the circumstances in which the Minister may repeal or amend a management plan under this section (including a management plan that deals with water sharing).