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Contents (2000 - 92)
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Water Management Act 2000 No 92
Current version for 1 November 2019 to date (accessed 29 February 2020 at 12:36)
144   Addition of lands to private irrigation districts
(1)  A landholder of lands adjacent to or near a private irrigation district may lodge with the Minister a petition for the addition of those lands to the private irrigation district.
(2)  The petition—
(a)  must specify the name, address and occupation of the petitioner and must be signed by the petitioner, and
(b)  must be accompanied by plans showing—
(i)  the location of the additional lands proposed to be supplied with water, in relation to the river, estuary or lake from which water is proposed to be obtained, and
(ii)  the lands on which any additional water supply work is proposed to be constructed or located in connection with the proposed water supply, and the site on those lands of that proposed additional water supply work, and
(c)  must be accompanied by—
(i)  particulars of the title and the area of the additional lands, and
(ii)  an estimate of the quantity of water proposed to be taken annually by the petitioner for the purposes of those lands, and
(iii)  particulars of any water use approval under which those lands are, at the date of lodgment of the petition, authorised to be irrigated, and
(d)  if—
(i)  the private irrigation district has been constituted as a private water supply and irrigation district, and
(ii)  the petitioner seeks a supply of water for irrigation,
must be accompanied by a statement by the private irrigation board as to whether, and to what extent, the landholders within the private irrigation district have agreed to reduced allocations of water so as to permit an allocation of water being made to the additional lands, and
(e)  must contain the names, addresses and occupations of the landholders of the lands referred to in paragraph (b) (ii) and be accompanied by separate particulars of the title of those lands.
(3)  The Minister must consider any petition lodged under this section and may cause a notice containing particulars of the petition to be published in the Gazette and the authorised manner.