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Contents (2000 - 92)
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Water Management Act 2000 No 92
Current version for 1 November 2019 to date (accessed 20 February 2020 at 18:34)
190B   Transformation of landholder’s water entitlement
(1)  A private irrigation board may make an application under Division 4 of Part 2 of Chapter 3 for the purpose of wholly or partly transforming a landholder’s water entitlement into an access licence under this Act.
(2)  On transformation of the whole or part of a landholder’s water entitlement to an access licence—
(a)  the landholder is not entitled to vote (as a member of the private irrigation board or as a landholder within the private irrigation district) on any matter relating to the transformation of one or more other landholders’ water entitlements or the supply of water to landholders who have not transformed their water entitlements, and
(b)  the board may continue to exercise functions in relation to any works that are located on the landholding for which it exercised functions immediately before the transformation (whether or not the board is to deliver the landholders’ water entitlement under the access licence or the landholding remains in the private irrigation district).
(3)  If the whole of a landholder’s water entitlement is transformed and the landholder does not have a right to the delivery of that water by the board—
(a)  the landholder is not entitled to vote as a landholder within the private irrigation district, and
(b)  the board must not fix rates and charges in respect of the landholder’s landholding for that water (other than termination charges).
(4)  The regulations may make provision for or with respect to—
(a)  other circumstances in which a landholder whose landholder’s water entitlement has been transformed ceases to be a voting member, and
(b)  the voting rights of landholders who have partially transformed their landholders’ water entitlements.
(5)  A board may require a landholder to provide security as a condition of consent to transformation of the whole or part of the landholder’s water entitlement, subject to the regulations.
(6)  Without limiting subsection (5), the following kinds of security may be required by a board—
(a)  a charge over a part of an irrigation right that is not transformed,
(b)  a charge over an access licence or other entitlement to water acquired by the person and resulting from the transformation,
(c)  a guarantee by an authorised deposit-taking institution,
(d)  a deposit lodged with the board.
(7)  In addition to any other charges it may fix under this Part, a board may fix the following charges—
(a)    (Repealed)
(b)  charges payable by a landholder for the delivery of water after transformation of the whole or part of the landholder’s water entitlement.