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Contents (2000 - 92)
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Water Management Act 2000 No 92
Current version for 1 November 2019 to date (accessed 20 February 2020 at 18:25)
190A   Water entitlements of landholders
(1)  A private irrigation board must, if requested to do so in writing by a landholder of an irrigated holding to which water is supplied by the board, determine the landholder’s water entitlement.
(2)  A board must have regard to the following matters when determining the landholder’s water entitlement—
(a)  the nature of agricultural activities on the land,
(b)  the amount of water currently supplied to the landholder,
(c)  any present or past water sharing arrangements applicable to the landholder,
(d)  any other matter it considers relevant,
(e)  any other matter prescribed by the regulations.
(3)  A determination may specify the different parts of the landholder’s water entitlement that are available to the landholder for different purposes.
(4)  A determination must be in writing and comply with the requirements prescribed by the regulations. Notice of a determination must be given in writing by the board to the landholder.
(5)  A determination may be varied or redetermined only on a further application made by the landholder within 3 months of the determination or in the circumstances prescribed by the regulations.
(6)  A person must not participate in a determination of a landholder’s water entitlement if the person or a member of the person’s immediate family (within the meaning of the regulations) has an interest in the entitlement.