Coastal Protection Act 1979 No 13
Historical version for 4 June 2015 to 7 July 2015 (accessed 5 August 2020 at 00:34) Repealed version
Part 4C Division 3 Section 55X
55X   Notice to council and others of placement of temporary coastal protection works
(1)  An owner of land must, at or about the time the temporary coastal protection works are to be placed on land, notify the following of the placing of the works:
(a)  the relevant local council,
(b)  if the works are or are about to be placed on public land—the public authority that is the owner of, or has the care, control or management of, the land.
 After placement of temporary coastal protection works Coastal Authorities may exercise powers under Part 4D to make orders relating to such works. Those orders include, where justified, orders to remove, alter or repair the works concerned.
(2)  The notification under subsection (1) is to be made in the manner and to the person or persons specified by the regulations for the purposes of this subsection.
Maximum penalty:
(a)  in the case of a corporation—100 penalty units, or
(b)  in any other case—50 penalty units.
(3)  For the purposes of subsection (1) (b), public land that is Crown land within the meaning of the Crown Lands Act 1989 or land within a reserve as defined in Part 5 of that Act is taken to be owned by, or under the care, control or management of, the Minister administering that Act.