Coastal Protection Act 1979 No 13
Historical version for 4 June 2015 to 7 July 2015 (accessed 9 August 2020 at 01:37) Repealed version
Part 1 Section 4A
4A   Meaning of maps outlining coastal zone
(1)  A reference to maps outlining the coastal zone is a reference to:
(a)  the maps approved for the purposes of this Act by the Minister, and
(b)  if those maps are amended or replaced by further maps so approved by the Minister, the maps as so amended or replaced.
Editorial note.
 For approvals published in the Gazette, see Gazette No 140 of 18.11.2005, p 9629. This does not constitute a complete list of approvals.
(2)  The Minister is to ensure, when approving of maps for the purposes of this Act, that the western boundary of the coastal zone is determined in accordance with the principles set out in subsection (3).
(3)  The following principles apply to the determination of the western boundary of the area to be included in the coastal zone as referred to in subsection (2):
(a)  the boundary is to be generally one kilometre landward of the western boundary of the coastal waters of the State,
(b)  the boundary is to be generally one kilometre landward around any bay, estuary, coastal lake or lagoon,
(c)  the boundary is to follow the length of any coastal river inland generally at a distance of one kilometre from each bank of the river:
(i)  to one kilometre beyond the limit of any recognised mangroves on or associated with the river, or
(ii)  if there are no such recognised mangroves—to one kilometre beyond the tidal limit of the river,
(d)  the boundary is to be shown to the nearest cadastral boundary or easily recognisable physical boundary (determined in consultation with relevant councils),
(e)  the boundary is to exclude:
(i)  those parts of the local government areas of Pittwater, Warringah, Manly, Woollahra, Waverley, Randwick and Sutherland that are not, and are not likely to be, affected by and that do not, and are not likely to, affect coastal processes, including coastal wave and wind action, and
(ii)  the waters of Sydney Harbour and Botany Bay.
(4)  In this section, recognised mangroves means mangroves shown on maps prepared in 1985 by the Department having the responsibility for the administration of fisheries, as updated by that Department from time to time.