Coastal Protection Act 1979 No 13
Historical version for 4 June 2015 to 7 July 2015 (accessed 9 August 2020 at 01:36) Repealed version
Part 1 Section 3
3   Objects of this Act
The objects of this Act are to provide for the protection of the coastal environment of the State for the benefit of both present and future generations and, in particular:
(a)  to protect, enhance, maintain and restore the environment of the coastal region, its associated ecosystems, ecological processes and biological diversity, and its water quality, and
(b)  to encourage, promote and secure the orderly and balanced utilisation and conservation of the coastal region and its natural and man-made resources, having regard to the principles of ecologically sustainable development, and
(c)  to recognise and foster the significant social and economic benefits to the State that result from a sustainable coastal environment, including:
(i)  benefits to the environment, and
(ii)  benefits to urban communities, fisheries, industry and recreation, and
(iii)  benefits to culture and heritage, and
(iv)  benefits to the Aboriginal people in relation to their spiritual, social, customary and economic use of land and water, and
(d)  to promote public pedestrian access to the coastal region and recognise the public’s right to access, and
(e)  to provide for the acquisition of land in the coastal region to promote the protection, enhancement, maintenance and restoration of the environment of the coastal region, and
(f)  to recognise the role of the community, as a partner with government, in resolving issues relating to the protection of the coastal environment, and
(g)  to ensure co-ordination of the policies and activities of the Government and public authorities relating to the coastal region and to facilitate the proper integration of their management activities, and
(h)  to encourage and promote plans and strategies for adaptation in response to coastal climate change impacts, including projected sea level rise, and
(i)  to promote beach amenity.