Conveyancing Act 1919 No 6
Current version for 1 December 2019 to date (accessed 6 August 2020 at 03:00)
Part 23 Division 1 Section 184F
184F   Destruction of documents
(1)  The Registrar-General may destroy a document forming part of the General Register of Deeds unless this section prohibits its destruction.
(2)  The Registrar-General is not to destroy such a document if under a duty to deliver or issue it to any person.
(3)  Instead of destroying such a document, the Registrar-General may deliver it to a person who, in the opinion of the Registrar-General, intends to preserve it for historical reasons.
(4)  The Registrar-General is not to destroy or dispose of a document under this section unless a copy of the document is captured and retained by the Registrar-General in a manner that enables the document to be reproduced.
(5)  The Registrar-General is to retain each document that forms part of the General Register of Deeds and is not destroyed or disposed of under this section.
(6)  This section does not authorise a failure to comply with, or a contravention of, any Act or other law and does not prevent the destruction of a document under the authority of an Act other than this Act.
(7)  In this section, a reference to a document includes a reference to any certificate referred to in section 184D that is on, or accompanies, the document.