Tweed Local Environmental Plan 2014
Current version for 1 July 2020 to date (accessed 11 July 2020 at 22:08)
Land Use Table Zone W3
Zone W3   Working Waterways
1   Objectives of zone
  To enable the efficient movement and operation of commercial shipping, water-based transport and maritime industries.
  To promote the equitable use of waterways, including appropriate recreational uses.
  To minimise impacts on ecological values arising from the active use of waterways.
  To provide for sustainable fishing industries.
2   Permitted without consent
Environmental facilities; Environmental protection works
3   Permitted with consent
Aquaculture; Biosolids treatment facilities; Boat building and repair facilities; Boat launching ramps; Boat sheds; Car parks; Charter and tourism boating facilities; Community facilities; Emergency services facilities; Flood mitigation works; Freight transport facilities; Jetties; Kiosks; Marinas; Markets; Mooring pens; Moorings; Passenger transport facilities; Port facilities; Pubs; Restaurants or cafes; Roads; Sewage treatment plants, Signage; Waste or resource management facilities; Water recreation structures; Water recycling facilities; Water supply systems; Wharf or boating facilities
4   Prohibited
Any development not specified in item 2 or 3