Cessnock Local Environmental Plan 2011
Current version for 17 April 2020 to date (accessed 11 July 2020 at 22:22)
Part 7 Clause 7.5
7.5   Development in areas subject to airport noise
(1)  This clause applies to development that is on land near an air transport facility with an aircraft noise exposure forecast (ANEF) level of 20 ANEF or greater and that the consent authority considers is likely to be adversely affected by aircraft noise.
(2)  Before determining a development application for development to which this clause applies, the consent authority—
(a)  must consider whether the development will result in an increase in the number of dwellings or people affected by aircraft noise, and
(b)  must consider the location of the development in relation to the criteria set out in Table 2.1 (Building Site Acceptability Based on ANEF Zones) in AS 2021—2000, Acoustics—Aircraft noise intrusion—building siting and construction, and
(c)  must be satisfied that the development will meet AS 2021—2000, Acoustics—Aircraft noise intrusion—building siting and construction with respect to interior noise levels for the purposes of—
(i)  if the ANEF contour is 20 or greater—educational establishments, centre-based child care facility, hospitals or residential accommodation, places of public worship, theatres, cinema, libraries or court house development, and
(ii)  if the ANEF contour is 25 or greater—hotel, motel or hostel accommodation, or business premises, office premises or retail premises development.
(3)  In this clause—
ANEF contour means a noise exposure contour shown as an ANEF contour on the Noise Exposure Forecast Map for that airport prepared by the Department of the Commonwealth responsible for airports.