Wentworth Local Environmental Plan 2011
Current version for 10 July 2020 to date (accessed 6 August 2020 at 03:25)
Part 7 Clause 7.5
7.5   Wetlands
(1)  The objective of this clause is to ensure that natural wetlands are preserved and protected from the impacts of development.
(2)  This clause applies to land identified as “Wetlands” on the Natural Resource—Wetlands Map.
(3)  When assessing a development application for development on land to which this clause applies, the consent authority must consider potential adverse impacts from the proposed development on—
(a)  the growth and survival of native flora and fauna,
(b)  the condition and significance of the native flora on the land and whether it should be substantially retained, and
(c)  the provision and quality of habitats for indigenous and migratory species, and
(d)  the surface and groundwater characteristics of the site, including water quality, natural water flows and salinity, and
(e)  any wetland in the vicinity of the proposed development and any proposed measures to minimise or mitigate those impacts.
(4)  Before granting consent to development to which this clause applies the consent authority must be satisfied that—
(a)  the development is sited, designed and managed to avoid potential adverse environmental impacts, or
(b)  where an impact cannot be avoided, and having taken into consideration feasible alternatives, the proposed design, construction and operational management of the development will mitigate and minimise those impacts.