State Environmental Planning Policy (Infrastructure) 2007
Current version for 26 June 2020 to date (accessed 6 August 2020 at 03:22)
Part 3 Division 8
Division 8 Forestry
 This Division does not apply in relation to forestry to which a forest agreement or integrated forestry operations approval under the Forestry Act 2012 applies—see section 69W of that Act. See also the Native Vegetation Act 2003 in relation to the clearing of native vegetation.
51   Definition
In this Division—
forestry has the same meaning as it has in the Standard Instrument.
52   Development permitted without consent
(1)  Development for the purpose of forestry may be carried out by or on behalf of a public authority without consent on land in Zone RU3 Forestry or an equivalent land use zone.
(2)  A reference in this clause to development for the purpose of forestry includes a reference to development for any of the following purposes—
(a)  operation of portable timber mills,
(b)  harvesting of products of cultural value from trees, shrubs and other vegetation,
(c)  forest management activities relating to matters such as Aboriginal cultural heritage, forestry research and forest conservation,
(d)  environmental management works (such as weed and pest control),
(e)  facilities and works associated with forestry (such as landscaping, recycled water and biosolids reuse schemes, maintenance depots and bushfire lookouts),
(f)  outdoor recreational facilities and related amenities for visitors to forests (such as viewing platforms, toilet facilities and garbage collection areas),
(g)  construction and maintenance of roads, tracks and fire trails to enable or assist anything mentioned in paragraphs (a)–(f).