State Environmental Planning Policy (Infrastructure) 2007
Current version for 26 June 2020 to date (accessed 6 August 2020 at 02:56)
Part 3 Division 7 Clause 49
49   Definition
In this Division—
flood mitigation work has the same meaning as it has in the Standard Instrument.
The Standard Instrument defines flood mitigation work as follows—
flood mitigation work means work designed and constructed for the express purpose of mitigating flood impacts. It involves changing the characteristics of flood behaviour to alter the level, location, volume, speed or timing of flood waters to mitigate flood impacts. Types of works may include excavation, construction or enlargement of any fill, wall or levee that will alter riverine flood behaviour, local overland flooding, or tidal action so as to mitigate flood impacts.
 Examples of flood mitigation work include levees, barrages, causeways, cuttings, embankments, floodgates and detention basins.