State Environmental Planning Policy (Infrastructure) 2007
Current version for 26 June 2020 to date (accessed 9 August 2020 at 01:11)
87   Impact of rail noise or vibration on non-rail development
(1)  This clause applies to development for any of the following purposes that is on land in or adjacent to a rail corridor and that the consent authority considers is likely to be adversely affected by rail noise or vibration—
(a)  residential accommodation,
(b)  a place of public worship,
(c)  a hospital,
(d)  an educational establishment or centre-based child care facility.
(2)  Before determining a development application for development to which this clause applies, the consent authority must take into consideration any guidelines that are issued by the Secretary for the purposes of this clause and published in the Gazette.
(3)  If the development is for the purposes of residential accommodation, the consent authority must not grant consent to the development unless it is satisfied that appropriate measures will be taken to ensure that the following LAeq levels are not exceeded—
(a)  in any bedroom in the residential accommodation—35 dB(A) at any time between 10.00 pm and 7.00 am,
(b)  anywhere else in the residential accommodation (other than a garage, kitchen, bathroom or hallway)—40 dB(A) at any time.