State Environmental Planning Policy (Infrastructure) 2007
Current version for 26 June 2020 to date (accessed 6 August 2020 at 02:03)
Part 3 Division 10 Clause 56
56   Definitions
In this Division—
health services facility has the same meaning as in the Standard Instrument.
prescribed zone means any of the following land use zones or a land use zone that is equivalent to any of those zones—
(a)  RU4 Primary Production Small Lots,
(b)  RU5 Village,
(c)  RU6 Transition,
(d)  R1 General Residential,
(d1)  R2 Low Density Residential,
(e)  R3 Medium Density Residential,
(f)  R4 High Density Residential,
(g)  R5 Large Lot Residential,
(g1)  B1 Neighbourhood Centre,
(h)  B2 Local Centre,
(i)  B3 Commercial Core,
(j)  B4 Mixed Use,
(k)  B5 Business Development,
(l)  B6 Enterprise Corridor,
(m)  B7 Business Park,
(m1)  B8 Metropolitan Centre,
(n)  SP1 Special Activities,
(o)  SP2 Infrastructure.