State Environmental Planning Policy (Infrastructure) 2007
Current version for 26 June 2020 to date (accessed 6 August 2020 at 03:15)
Part 2 Division 1 Clause 13
13   Consultation with councils—development with impacts on council-related infrastructure or services
(1)  This clause applies to development carried out by or on behalf of a public authority that this Policy provides may be carried out without consent if, in the opinion of the public authority, the development—
(a)  will have a substantial impact on stormwater management services provided by a council, or
(b)  is likely to generate traffic to an extent that will strain the capacity of the road system in a local government area, or
(c)  involves connection to, and a substantial impact on the capacity of, any part of a sewerage system owned by a council, or
(d)  involves connection to, and use of a substantial volume of water from, any part of a water supply system owned by a council, or
(e)  involves the installation of a temporary structure on, or the enclosing of, a public place that is under a council’s management or control that is likely to cause a disruption to pedestrian or vehicular traffic that is not minor or inconsequential, or
(f)  involves excavation that is not minor or inconsequential of the surface of, or a footpath adjacent to, a road for which a council is the roads authority under the Roads Act 1993 (if the public authority that is carrying out the development, or on whose behalf it is being carried out, is not responsible for the maintenance of the road or footpath).
(2)  A public authority, or a person acting on behalf of a public authority, must not carry out development to which this clause applies unless the authority or the person has—
(a)  given written notice of the intention to carry out the development (together with a scope of works) to the council for the area in which the land is located, and
(b)  taken into consideration any response to the notice that is received from the council within 21 days after the notice is given.