City of Sydney Regulation 2016

1   Name of Regulation
This Regulation is the City of Sydney Regulation 2016.
2   Commencement
This Regulation commences on the day on which it is published on the NSW legislation website.
3   Definition
(1)  In this Regulation:
the Act means the City of Sydney Act 1988.
(2)  Notes included in this Regulation do not form part of this Regulation.
4   Partnerships taken to be corporations
For the purposes of sections 16AB and 16AC of the Act, if a firm of partners is taken to be a corporation by operation of section 16A of the Act:
(a)  each partner of the firm is taken to be a director of the corporation, and
(b)  the managing partner or chief executive of the firm (however styled) is taken to be the company secretary of the corporation.