The NSW legislation website is the primary source for NSW legislation.
It is managed by the Parliamentary Counsel's Office.

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We now have a special website page for NSW COVID-19 legislation. You'll find links to—

  • Public health orders, including current and historical versions
  • Environmental planning orders
  • Acts of Parliament
  • Regulations.

Information about the COVID-19 pandemic generally is available at the following links—

  • Breadcrumbs for search hits located in schedules—to make it easier to locate a search hit in the context of the whole title, breadcrumbs are now displayed in the same way (above the timeline) as search hits in the body of a title.
  • Export functionality—the Export link on the right of the screen above the dark blue task bar facilitates downloading XML files, including bulk downloads, for the In force and Repealed collections on the website. (Click the blue Help ? button on the Export page for more information.)
  • Search page point-in-time button—by clicking the enable/disable point-in-time buttons on the website Search page, you can now decide if you want your search to return results as at a particular point-in-time date (default is the date you’re searching) or return results for all relevant versions of titles with no selected point-in time date. (Note that your selection sticks for all subsequent searches until you change it again.)
  • My favourites—the My favourites page (link on the main dark blue task bar) explains how you can save time navigating around the website by setting up your own favourites list of up to 10 of the titles you need to access regularly.
  • Resizing the Contents pane—you can now drag the Contents pane to your preferred width and have it stick at that width until you change it again.
  • Most popular titles list—this list will now be a permanent feature at the top of our Noticeboard and will be updated weekly with the titles most frequently accessed by our users each week.
  • Timeline enhancement—the timeline functionality for linking to other versions of a title now ‘remembers’ the provision being viewed and opens the selected version at the same provision.

Note–as a result of ongoing technical development issues and the pressure of other project work on staff in our small office, we have reluctantly decided to pause our standalone gazette website project for now.

We are certainly not abandoning this important project and expect to be able to resume work later in the year. In the meantime, the gazette website project team will be focusing on other important project work.

We’d like to thank those stakeholders who’ve given us such encouraging and positive feedback about the project, especially those who so enthusiastically agreed to be our external testers—we hope you’ll still be available to help when we resume the work.

In August 2020, we launched the gazette portal and notice lodgement form as phase 1 of our gazette streamlining process. In late 2022, we expect to roll out the final phase of the project, a NSW Government Gazette standalone website that holds all gazette data currently on the NSW legislation website.

The new gazette website gives users control over when notices are lodged and published—a notice can be published any day, any time straight after it’s been lodged and confirmed. If you’re an existing gazette client, you’ll log in with your existing credentials.

 Features of the gazette website include:

  • a layout specially developed to meet the needs of gazette clients and users
  • self-publishing of notices (via the lodgement form users are already used to)
  • a live feed on the Home page to easily confirm a notice has successfully published
  • granular options for browsing to notices, including subject category pages
  • enhanced display of notices in web pages (with PDF download also available)
  • improved and expanded search functionality with multiple filtering options
  • multiple user-help options
  • no restriction on the size of PDF notices (though they must still be searchable).

The NSW Government Gazette website will still be managed by the Parliamentary Counsel’s Office and there will be quick links between the legislation website and the gazette website.

As we approach our launch date, we’ll be in touch directly with our existing gazette clients.